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Coseer is all about getting machines to think like humans. We are solving some fundamental problems in cognitive computing and using technology to automate language driven workflows at enterprises. You will be working with a stellar team in a high octane culture, where you will be accountable for delivering things that may seem impossible today. We are a small team that is very picky about who we let in, but will commit to your success once you make it. Read More
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Job Description

This role is for women candidates only.

Coseer develops AI that can understand natural language, and is solving complex challenges at enterprises worldwide. Our ultimate ambition is to ingest and understand the entire internet someday. We believe that will be the truly intelligent machine. Our innovative, patent pending technology is being talked about at IEEE, AICHE and other premier academic publications. We were listed among Technologies for Tomorrow at Davos, and various bodies have called us Best Cognitive Computing Company, Best Intelligent Workflow tool, and A Rising Star among other accolades. We already are cash flow positive with Fortune 100 customers, and are facing tremendous growth.

We want to work with leading technical minds of this generation. This job promises steep learning curve, huge responsibilities and culture of care and high energy. At Coseer you will have the opportunity to shape an industry which is at the point of inflection. Keep in mind that we compete and win against IBM Watson, with their billion dollar budgets - it’s thrilling!

There are two basic levels to this job; strategic and tactical.

Tactically, you'll post on our marketing channels, track analytics, participate and build communities to facilitate a dialogue with potential customers as well as support recruiting efforts in tech.

Strategically, you'll work on competitive research, give inputs on thought-leadership content, help develop collateral for target markets, and shape our messaging as it develops (we are experimenting all the time!)

Examples of your duties will include:

* Gather and analyze analytics on existing marketing initiatives and develop ways to improve
* Create, edit, finalize, and post brand content on social media and other marketing channels (must be flexible creating different mediums; we use short videos, white papers, infographics, etc. in addition to blog posts)
* Collect curated content for newsletter and monitoring for potential use in branding strategies (e.g. find hot topics to get involved with on social, new areas on Quora to post to, etc.)
* Execute video production, editing, and posting to relevant channels
* Assist in collecting basic ABM research on potential clients/putting together a profile of “ideal client” & help creating a workflow around this
* Participate in PR events (conferences, etc.)
* Build and support communities in different focus areas (potential clients and any recruiting needs)
* And of course, tasks TBD

We’d love to receive your application if you are:
* A strong English speaker (much of our content is targeted at a US- and UK-based audience)
* Curious - expertise in AI/NLP is not a requirement! We’re always learning, and you will too
* A team player
* Comfortable with experimentation, rapid change, and disruptive innovation.

We have chosen to build a virtual company because we want the best people worldwide to contribute to our success. We also want our team to love where they live, not live where their job is.

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What We're Building

At Coseer we believe that humans should focus on creativity and judgment, while technology handles everything routine. Our technology processes language as a human does, and automates tasks that are impossible otherwise or need large teams. With Coseer enterprises can be more responsive, better informed and smarter. Our modular technology lets us tackle a variety of problems for Fortune 100 giants as well as startups. To learn more read the blogs at

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