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What We're Building

Cortex is a rapidly growing technology startup.  We provide software for commercial real estate that enables building operators to run their buildings with significantly more precision.  This is creating substantial financial savings (up to $850k per year per building), while also having a significant sustainability impact (reducing energy use by 5-10% or the equivalent of taking 850 cars off the road).  We do this by providing an application layer on top of highly underutilized data “pipes” (Building Management Systems, meters, etc), which: makes sense of thousands of data points, makes that information available anywhere (through our mobile app), and gives proactive recommendations for decisions that have to be made daily (such as when to turn on/off large HVAC equipment).  Over the last year, we’ve grown revenue 7x and have effectively sold to some of the largest and well-respected commercial real estate managers and owners in the market (e.g., Empire State Building).

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Cortex Team

Bryan Bennett
CEO of Cortex. Deep business background (6y+ in Energy practice). Experience evaluating and creating new technology businesses.
Geoff Harcourt
Founder @Cortex, Five Tool Development • Worked at @Salsa Labs, @CGI Group • Studied at @Harvard University
Sean-Michael Lewis
CTO @Cortex. Early employee and technical leader @OPOWER.
Rick Balsano
Early engineer at 3 startups with skills ranging from software development, DevOps, data analysis, database architecture and administration and internal IT.
Heide Iravani
Previous experience in biz ops, investment banking and corporate law.
Stephanie Himelfarb
- B.S. Mechanical Engineering from UVA, LinuxCNC, CAD - 2 years as Systems Engineer for DoD client at Booz Allen Hamilton - SQL, MatLab, R, VBA, Java, Python
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