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Blockchain-Powered Non-Dilutive Funding for Startups and Small Businesses.

We are combining two of the most recent disruptions in the online world: crowdfunding and blockchain. As a result, we are inventing a whole new way to make investing in early-stage companies more intuitive. Read More

What We're Building

Corl is revolutionizing the way businesses raise funding with a transparent blockchain investment platform. By leveraging automation and advanced risk management, Corl’s security token offers an intuitive way to inject capital into high-potential early revenue businesses. Founders get fast, fairly-priced non-dilutive growth capital and investors receive dividends in Ether (ETH).

As a public offering that will adhere to regulation, the CORL token drives economic growth by offsetting the billion dollar deficit in startup financing. Businesses perform better when growth is organic; this is why we allow startups to retain autonomy, equity and board seats while benefiting from our flexible repayment approach.

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Jobs at Corl

Corl Team

Sam Kawtharani
Co-Founder & CEO @Corl
Derek J. Manuge
Co-founder & CIO @Corl
Matt Ward
Founder @The Syndicate Angel Network and Podcast Founder @FBA ALLSTARS Advisor 4x 3 Ecommerce Exits Angel Investor in 7+ companies Author: Gods of the Valley
Ben Ames
Work at Corl Financial Technologies. Aligning investors and entrepreneurs with revenue based financing.
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