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Collaboration tools for technical writers

You have the opportunity join an experienced team at an important growth point. Your voice will contribute to both the future and the culture of a company that represents a supportive community of content professionals. And you will enjoy doing so with the option of remote working, opportunity to open source much of your work, and a culture built on domain expertise and continual learning. Read More
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What We're Building

Corilla is a cloud-based technical writing tool that refocuses the authoring experience on simple collaborative workflows. We make content teams happy and more productive by removing the complexity of authoring modular content that your entire company can deploy and curate on-demand.

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Corilla Team

David Ryan
Cofounder of @Corilla, a publishing tool for technical writers. Previously @Red Hat and @Peabody Energy.
Ton Ha
Ton Ha ,
CX + Design. Makes nice things.

Corilla Investors

Bob Young
Co-Founder and former CEO of Red Hat

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