Jobs at Convious

A.I. Driven Sales Platform

The leading A.I. Driven SaaS platform that continuously improves the customer journey for the leisure industry. We're creating the first fully personalized buying and pricing experience. Driven by our proprietary A.I. our customers have achieved triple digit improvements in conversion metrics and revenue.
Convious is nominated top ten Rising Star companies by Deloitte 2017.

What We're Building

Since 2016 our vision is to help the leisure and hospitality industry to win their customers back from discounting platforms while increasing their direct revenue. We're building Convious, an AI driven platform that continuously optimizes and improves the customer experience. From first customer visit to check out and beyond; our Saas platform measures, predicts, improves, a/b tests, machine learns, designs and iterate every part of this journey. Our customers have achieved triple digit improvements in online conversion ratio's and revenue increase.

Jobs at Convious

Convious Team

Koen Scholte
CCO Convious • worked at Emesa • IDG • Reshift Digital
Paul Kl
Interested in Behavioural targeting, Personalization, Real Time Bidding, Dynamic information retrieval and their application building data-driven products.
Juozapas Zabukas
CTO/Full stack engineer. Still love to code, but companies technical direction to achieve business goals are my main focus now.
Stas Pavlov
Ambitious, creative and a life long learner with a positive and energetic approach in applying Agile and Lean methodologies.
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