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We are building out a fund focused on a thesis we call 'convergence'. That is where blockchain-like-technologies are foundational to other tech trends like IoT, AI, Mixed Reality, 3D printing and Autonomous Robotics scaling securely and more interesting converging to power Industry 4.0 but also innovations in Health, Mobility, Smart Cities and Energy.

We are creating a global community (London, Berlin, Boston, Bangalore, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul) of cross-discipline practitioners from across technologies working in concert with corporate innovation and venturing arms from companies like Cisco, Airbus, Innogy and BMW to give us unique, and in many cases exclusive, access to pre-seed / seed deal-flow.

As a collective of angels at OutlierVentures.io we have been investing in and building blockchain startups since 2013.


We will syndicate all our deals carefully curated by a team of 12 experienced investors and CTOs with deep knowledge of their respective fields. We use the wisdom of a global community of 500+ professionals from Boston to Tel Aviv and Seoul as well as corporate partners from Cisco, Innogy, Airbus and BMW.

Jamie Burke
Investor @ OutlierCapital.vc Venture Builder @ OutlierVentures.io Fundraiser @ Convergence.vc
Stephan Apel
Managing Partner @OutlierVentures.io Angel Investor, Mentor, NED Previously Investment Banker @Merrill Lynch and @Moelis & Company MBA
Stefano Bernardi
Co-Founder and Partner @Mission and Market Previously co-founded @Kickpay (YC W15) and was at @Betable, @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Engineering
Michael Ross
Individual Investor
Experienced Investor. 5 Exits. 3 Venture-Backed (Kleiner and Bessemer). 1 IPO and 4 acquisitions. Google, Redpoint Ventures, JPMorgan, Credit Suisse.
Yannick Roux
VC at @EC1 Capital. Previously: @Momondo Group & @Forward Internet Group. Occasional angel investor: @Opendesk.cc @Swytch
Can help with
“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Sajid Rahman
CEO,Telenor Health.Investor @Shyp @Human Longevity  @Hyperloop One .Board Member. Director @Fi. Newsletter@www.myasiavc.com. Follow@SajidRepublic.
Can help with
“I have strong exposure/network in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. I will be able to help the company grow internationally in those markets.”
Raphael Leiteritz
Product Manager
Angel investor in >50 startups Google Director of Product Management Founded Open Source startup INSEAD MBA
Walther Doernte
Partner @ Outlier Ventures
Justin Poirier
Ethereum Crowdsale Maidsafe Crowdsale Tech/Film/Game Focused on decentralization and predicting what's next. Interested in co-founding or venture opportunities
Jamie is innovative, persistent and a good guy!
Jamie and his partners at Outlier not only have an excellent understanding of the current decentralization ecosystem, they have a visionary perspective on the future of decentralization and AI, the applications, and the effect on society. We've worked with Jamie and his team on a few...more
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