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Where construction loans are managed.

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What We're Building

Tracking construction draw payments in Excel spreadsheets does not ensure compliance, leaves out lien releases and does not track actual payments.

Our cloud-based solution allows all parties to collaborate on their phone, iPad, or computer freeing the process of loan administration errors and accelerating draw releases.

Contract Simply ensures compliant documents, streamlines audits and tracks lien releases directly to progress payments truly reducing risk in construction lending.

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Jobs at Contract Simply

Contract Simply Team

Will Mitchell
CEO and Co-founder Contract Simply • Inventor of The Light Breeze • Licensed Contractor • Studied at @University of Virginia
Andrew Latimer
CTO / Co-Founder @Contract Simply
Andrew Hite
Software developer with 12 years of professional experience building web applications, and three years of experience managing teams of software developers.

Contract Simply Investors

Henry Yoshida
Rocket Dollar Founder | BOD @lawgixlaw @Fixed | Founder @honestdollar (@Goldmansachs acquired) | @queensu, @UTAustin @Cornell alum | Father & Husband

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