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Marketing Director & Advertising Specialist at ConnectCareers

Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria · Cofounder

Over the last 7 years, the time it takes to fill an advertised contract position in Australia has increased by 50%. The team at ConnectCareers has identified the demand to provide clients with the services needed through a digital, highly accessible, and easy to use environment. The platform has been designed to be highly engaging for the candidate and recruiter.

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Job Description

ConnectCareers is looking for a Marketing and Advertising Specialist who is able to design a strategy, develop content and execute on taking our brand to the next level. Using traditional online channels and any other means of hitting our target markets, our newest team member would be filling a huge gap in ensuring our marketing and advertising approach is sound, creative and enticing to attract new business.

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What We're Building

Through the ConnectCareers platform, recruiters and organisations that require specific capabilities are able to advertise the roles and connect directly with job seekers looking for their next contract opportunity.

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ConnectCareers Team

Anthony McCabe
Founder @connectcareers-1-1, @ConnectCareers