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Software Engineer (Mid-level) at Conigital

Birmingham, Milton Keynes · Full Time
We are a young company, just over two years old, looking to solve problems around mobility. Our customers need a mobility solution but self driving vehicles are only part of the puzzle. We offer a turnkey end to end solution that turns autonomous vehicles into a personalised, corporate fleet. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for software engineers to develop the back end for our suite of products. You will be working on our real time back end for our fleet management system. Knowledge of real time messaging protocols is essential such as MQTT and AMQP. Knowledge of messaging systems such as RabittMQ and Kakfa is a plus.

Our current stack is .NET and Python but we will use the best tool for the job but don't be shy if you think you have the right skills.

This is a startup environment, so you need to be comfortable working independently and making architectural decisions. Confident communication is essential.

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What We're Building

We are developing mobility solutions for large campuses such as universities, business parks and airports. Our solution is based around self driving pods. Working for us you will help develop a suite of services including ride hailing, autonomous control, infotainment and fleet management.

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