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Jobs at Compound

The protocol for algorithmic, efficient money markets on the Ethereum blockchain

The majority of cryptocurrencies sit idle on exchanges and in wallets, yielding no interest. At Compound, we’re creating interest rate markets to unlock the value of these assets, empowering investors with new opportunities to profit.

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What We're Building

Compound is an open-source protocol for algorithmic, efficient Money Markets on the Ethereum blockchain. Interest rates are set based on asset-specific supply and demand; users can seamlessly earn interest or borrow ERC-20 tokens without managing an order book.

Each money market is transparent, auditable, and completely predictable; perfect for profit-seeking humans and machines alike.

Jobs at Compound

Compound Team

Robert Leshner
Founded two venture-backed technology companies. @University of Pennsylvania Econ, Chartered Financial Analyst
Geoffrey Hayes
Founder of Compound. Engineering Manager at Postmates. Founder of Safe Shepherd. Engineer at Applied Predictive Technologies. University of Pennsylvania 2008.
Calvin Liu
Strategy @Compound. Previously Data Analytics, Product, VC, Finance.
Art Peel
Software engineer with experience helping to turn ideas for internet companies into scalable businesses. Worked at Ofoto, EchoSign & LOYAL3
Torrey Atcitty
Client Engineering Lead at Compound. Mobile Lead at Postmates. Former Head of Mobile at Kahuna.
Mason Fischer
Founder of KISSr, a Dropbox web hosting service. Worked as a developer on small teams on Ello, DarbySmart, Hightower and others as a consultant at thoughtbot.
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Compound Investors

Alexander Pack
Founding Partner @Dragonfly Capital Partners, a cryptoasset venture fund. Advisor @Bain Capital Ventures.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Director of Product, Revenue @Tinder. Led revenue team to #1 top grossing app. Investor @Chapter One.
Jeff Jenkins
I like novels, technology, entrepreneurship and boxing. Not necessarily in that order.

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