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Zyper helps brands connect with their fans to drive engagement, insights and sales



Founder @Zyper


Stefanie Buffa

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Client Services professional with 4+ years of experience in account management and managing two customer service teams

Philip I. Thomas

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VP Engineering + Product at @Zyper . Prior: @Moonlight founder (acquired by @PullRequest ), @Staffjoy founder, @YCombinator fellow, @OpenDNS engineer.

Alex Semien

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Lauren Pye

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Strategic sales and marketing professional - Innovative performance marketer with a passion for sales strategy and a deep intuition around customer behavior.

Huw Walters

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Head of Product at Zyper

Talia Cirangle

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Recruiter @Zyper

Cerys Davies

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Andrea Orru

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Richard Hanson

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CTO @Zyper