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Automagically understand an industry.

Automagically understand an industry.

Zymewire builds a digital sales research assistant that helps companies uncover new opportunities for sales growth without having to resort to unreliable firmographic databases.

Our core innovation is a technology we've developed that is capable of capturing the stories unfolding within a target industry vertical and auto-structuring the sequence of events. Applications then sit on top of that feed of data and deliver the product experiences our users have come to love.

Our initial industry niche focus has been biotech and pharma, where over 200 pharmaceutical & biotechnology service provider companies around the world trust Zymewire for their sales research. We have big plans in the future across many more industries and verticals where we see applications of our machine-learning based technologies.
Co-Founder and CTO of Zymewire with 15+ years of cutting code, leading development teams and building complex software.
CEO and co-founder of Zymewire, the digital sales assistant designed specifically to help service providers in biotech and pharma.

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