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Mini Robotic Printer

Mini Robotic Printer

We created this very cool Robotic Printer:
We won awards, including Best of Innovation at CES2015:

ZUtA has been named numerous times as one of Israel's promising startups and is considered the leading Consumer Robotics company in Israel according to the Israeli Robotics Association.
Most recently, ZUtA was featured as the number 1 "Hardware Startup Video" on TechCrunch - "top 10 hardware startup videos of 2016" - techcrunch.com/2016/12/28/top-gadget-videos-2016

But ZUtA is way more than just printing.
Yes, our first product is a Robotic Printer and we're reinventing the printing industry.
There's a HUGE opportunity with creating new interactions and use cases with the printer- from controlling the movement of the printer, to printing on other surfaces, and with different types of ink...

But in the future, the ZUtA Robot will be able to carry out many different tasks other than just printing...

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