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Business research assistant powered by AI and human researchers

Business research assistant powered by AI and human researchers

Zursh is a B2B research solution powered by AI and human researchers. We help professionals save time spent on research by allowing them to access business data in real time.
Our signature product Lee helps professionals find business data by crunching data sets from public sources, proprietary databases, research reports and client documents. Knowledge professionals can use Lee to find business data from mainstream and alternative data sources. Instead of searching hundreds of internal and external data sources, users can ask Lee data questions via the chatbot interface and receive answers instantly. Users have also the option to switch to a human version of Lee to receive answers from human researchers.

• Professionals spend 2 hours every day searching information.
• Excluding wages, US companies spend $30B per year on business research.

Simon Sliman

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Product Lead @ZURSH ; @Lee Jacobs; @Expatglocal; @SummaryClick , Research & AI Engineering background; ex-BCG, ex-Deutsche Bank, Fluent in 5 languages.

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