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Zullaga Apparel aims to become a new player in the global apparel industry by bringing Sydney based fashion to the world. To do this, we need a team of highly skilled, innovative and enthusiastic people to come on board with us through this journey. Zullaga employees are not like other employees, at Zullaga, employees are able to take part and work on projects that hold an importance within them. Zullaga is based on the belief that success is achieved through collaboration and through the sharing of ideas. Working in a start-up environment, specifically Zullaga, creates an experience for employees that is unique to traditional businesses. Being part of our new team is an exciting experience and an experience that will have a high level of involvement.
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Apparel Designer / Brand Developer

Posted 10 months ago

This opportunity requires an individual who is prepared to embark on a journey with Sydney's newest fashion start up.

Zullaga is on the search for an enthusiastic and innovative individual who is able to play a role in expanding the Zullaga brand.