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We all are aware of the fact that KYC with Digital Transformation has become very important in India. At Quagga Tech, we are determined to establish the best KYC Solutions for the companies in India and throughout the Globe. We have launched 35+ Verification APIs, 3 SDKs for customer on-boarding serving 200+ customers in India and performing 3 million+ verifications every month. Now with the data pipelines ready, it is time for us to take the next step in the KYC industry and try to shape how companies onboard their customers securely by building a highly customisable and deep tech-driven solution that can serve multiple industry horizon.

Joining Zoop will enable and enhance your potential to work on complex problems. You will be working along with a fairly small team, with every member playing a crucial role to create the next-Gen Customer Onboarding solution. We are a quickly growing startup and are implementing our strategies to skyrocket our growth. If you are sensitive about the data you share with multiple-companies, then it’s an opportunity for you to work towards it. Also, we are a very lively and fun group of people to work with.

A small secret about us- We have a product under stealth mode that will change the way KYC works in India and many other countries. Join us to be a part of the next eKYC journey.
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