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We are a young, motivated and dynamic team. The co-founders are ex-bankers, management consultants, and Silicon Valley professionals with several years in media and entertainment, technology and business in the United States. We are always looking to hire self-driven, motivated individuals who are willing to take on challenges, be an integral part of our organization. We strongly believe in quality, however, and we only hire when we find the right talent and fit - with the following skills and attributes: Leadership - are you willing to take control? Communicator - can you talk the talk and walk the walk effectively? Strategic - can you always be two steps ahead? Negotiator - can you defuse bombs that may come your way in the form of significant and complex deals and partnerships? Analytical – are you able to figure out what in the world is going on in those awfully complicated graphs, and could you explain it to a toddler? Strong work ethic - the Internet never sleeps, now does it? Goal oriented - we do a lot of sports ticketing, so this is important. Team player - see above. Integrity - Don’t be like Johnny, or have a suspiciously long nose, for that matter. Positive disposition, self-motivated & low maintenance - eat a Snickers before work everyday, if you must. Persistent - will not give up. Innovative - this company does a lot of out-of-the-box thinking -- unless you’re in the box office because then you’d literally be in a box, thinking. Flexible - can you do cartwheels and jump through flaming hoops? Able to multi-task and stay organised in a fast-paced environment - can you do cartwheels and jump through flaming hoops at the same time? Good business acumen and judgment combined with professionalism and integrity - how many times have you left a casino with no shoes? Willing and able to work extended hours (during crunch times!), including weekends and holidays, to meet business needs - surprisingly, most events happen on the weekends! Go figure ¯\_(?)_/¯

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