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Zolima CityMag has rapidly grown into the main well respected online magazine fully dedicated to Hong Kong cultural and creative scene.

It is a passion project aimed at taking curious minded people on a journey of discovery in an inspiring, innovative and unconventional way. Hong Kong is the first stop.

We believe there is a globally-minded audience of readers who are hungry about opportunities and experiences that take them closer to the soul of the city. We are not a typical travel magazine or city guide; we don’t provide simple lists of top things to do. Instead, we are passionate about diving deep into the essence of the city to find stories that span the human spectrum.

Zolima CityMag is a single source of in-depth articles with fresh and innovative content that cover art, history, culture, design, heritage and people. We believe there is always something meaningful to learn or rediscover about a destination, either as a first time traveller or local resident.

We inspire, amuse, educate

At Zolima CityMag, we make sure to work with a team of enthusiastic people who are all expert in their own field to keep the drive going. Welcome to Zolima CityMag!

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