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Empowering Your Users (A Digital Adoption Solution)

Empowering Your Users (A Digital Adoption Solution)

The Problem We Solve & Why Ziplyne exists? Companies big or small face challenges and pain points when it comes to onboarding and training a user to any software. How do you make software more usable? Gone are the days when software came with a detailed user manual..and if it does then it most likely to be outdated. A new category of SaaS has emerged, a DAP, Digital Adoption Platform/Solution. Ziplyne sits in this category of software and is an Enterprise SaaS Solution which allows companies to create in-app guides or experiences on top of their applications with no coding necessary. Guides can be made for native websites, web applications, and mobile applications. What Traction Have We got? We are working with small startups to large enterprises to layer Ziplyne on top of external and internal applications. We are growing year over year and are finding our position as unique in this DAP/DAS market. We have well-funded competitors in our markets such as WalkMe and Pendo and are confident that with our momentum we can get to the next level of our company.  Instead of working for a large well-known company, try your hand at working for the underdog. We are a team of 12 with two Hopkins Alums. Our Software Solution: Our product is a SaaS solution that gives companies the ability to create in-app experiences directly on top of any software to automate user onboarding, training, and support.  An Industry Report highlighting what is a DAP and where do we sit in the Fast-Growing Market? docsend.com/view/asa2ygbbmpqz5pk9

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Rome K. Chopra

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Co-Founder & CEO at Ziplyne
PR & Content Manager/Journalist; 501c3 Founder; @Johns Hopkins University Alum; @A-Level Capital Mentor; Passed all prelim. SOA actuarial exams (ASA pending)

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Ziplyne enables you, your customers, and employees to navigate the hills and valleys of The SaaS Terrain.

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