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Next Generation Corporate Housing and Hospitality Brand

Next Generation Corporate Housing and Hospitality Brand

ZiffyHomes is a living solace for all bachelors & bachelorette with beautiful living spaces, vibrant community, excellent services and full time support. We don't just aim to rent out living spaces rather we try to consume precious lifetimes of our customers at Ziffy! ZiffyHomes is backed by YCombinator and marquee investors from Silicon Valley.

Founded by Sanchal Ranjan and Saurabh Kumar where the duo is fascinated about formation of communities around both living and working spaces in a country like India for the last 15 years of their educational and corporate lifetimes and now fostering India's first physical social network via co-living.

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Saurabh Kumar

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Co-Founder-ZiffyHomes, AVP - Investment Banking (SBI Capital Markets Limited), IIT Kanpur -2008, Founded Green Factory, Marine Engineering - 2004