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Custom Chips on Demand

Custom Chips on Demand

At zGlue, we’re working to build a future where an idea can turn into a software model in minutes and into a finished hardware product in just days. We want everyone to benefit from the power of Moore’s Law, enjoy the wonders of semiconductors, and experience the quality, speed, and scalability that comes with making custom ICs. We saw a need for a different kind of technology, one that is cheaper than SoCs, smaller than PCBs, and both easier and faster to bring from prototype to production than what traditional design and manufacturing services can offer.
That’s what inspired us to start the research and development for our 2.5D chip stacking technology. Our goal is to empower anyone to design a custom, affordable, ultra-small, power-efficient chip for their own smart device using software tools, and have it manufactured at volume in days.

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Ming Zhang

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CEO @ zGlue. Samsung, Intel, Startups. Ph.D. EE UIUC. BS Physics Peking University.
CTO @ zGlue. Bringing Silicon back to Silicon Valley: Ph.D. EE Stanford. Intel, Samsung, Oracle/Sun, Transmeta and Innovative Semiconductors.