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Full-Stack Tech Lead / CTO

$48k – $72k • 0.0% – 5.0%
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## About Us ##

We are a Singapore-Based GamingTech company that is building a Global Marketplace for Gamers to buy and sell gaming products (virtual or physical) - accounts, in- game items/skins/currencies, professional services and collectibles. We also aim to differentiate from the rest by focusing on Mobile Gaming, eSports and providing valuable community platforms/tools to our kind.

Our Mission - To create a better life for gamers everywhere and be the most well-known gamer's marketplace in the world.

How Are We Going To Do That?

1. Make it really easy for gamers to find gaming stuff that bring them joy.
2. Support gamers to make a better living from their passion and skills.
3. Elevating gaming into a lifestyle that we can be fiercely proud of.

Having just completed a successful Seed/Angel funding round, we are now looking for a full-time Tech Lead / CTO to fully take over the technology development and evolution of the product. You will be the first full-time company employee after the Founder/CEO.

## PERFECT Candidate Profile ##
- Superhuman Full-Stack Developer/Engineer
- Can lead and build a team, including off-shore resources
- Has no issue taking a step back to strategize on Technology Roadmap
- Loves meddling with latest technology like Google Flutter
- Familiar with Agile Working Style
- Passionate Gamer or even an Esports Athlete
- Based in Singapore
- Does not sleep (just joking!)

If you fit most of the criteria, just apply. We know the above perfect candidate probably doesn't exist!

## Candidates That Does NOT Need To Apply ##
- Those who wish for a management role that does not code
- Expecting a 9-6 job. We are, after all a start-up!
- Need a fancy workspace and Post Series-A salary

## Job Description ##

You will work with a team of off-shore developers from a linked software firm at first, and have the chance to help recruit 1-2 developers yourself over the next 1-2 years. We have almost completed development of a Minimal Marketable Product (MMP v1) and looking to launch to market in Jan 2020.

Your immediate priority will be to understand the platform, take over ownership for the technical development of the product as the lead engineer and "move" the development in-house. While you will have to work within the current tech stack (Google Flutter, Node.JS, PostGreSQL) initially to help us maximize the invested effort thus far, it is also within your job role to help plan out a Technology Roadmap to move us towards a better long-term position.

You will be writing front-end and back-end code to implement various marketplace/e-commerce product features, and to integrate with multiple payment gateways/processors, crypto-currency services and gaming tools platforms via their API.

As the lead, you will be helping to setup best-practices in the development environment and the allocation of work.

## What is in it for you? ##

- Be one of the pioneer employee and grow with us!
- Work in an exciting gaming startup that has a sustainable business model!
- We are already funded for the next 1-2 years!
- Potential to be promoted as CTO role if found suitable
- Receive direct mentorship from 2 senior technology leaders who are also shareholders