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Global Marketplace for Gamers - Secured, Personalized & Integrated.

Global Marketplace for Gamers - Secured, Personalized & Integrated.

ZEUSX is a Singapore-based gaming company with global outreach. With more than 2.5 billion gamers across the world & expecting to spend over US$150 billion annually , we want to be a global bridge for the community, by helping fellow gamers in different parts of the world monetize their gaming assets & connecting them to peers who appreciate their investment of time, effort & money. ​

As gamers ourselves, we believe that our needs are unique & there are boundless opportunities just by focusing on what makes a gamer happy. Zeus eXchange (ZEUSX) is a digital marketplace for gamers all over the world to buy and sell gaming products (virtual or physical) - accounts, in-game items/skins/currencies, professional services & collectibles. Besides supporting a wide spectrum of trending games, we are built to be the premier destination for Mobile Games, eSports, & Gaming Gigs/Services.

Our Mission - To create a better life for gamers everywhere & be the most well-known gamer's marketplace.

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Founder & CEO | ZEUSX


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