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ZeroTier Networks' mission statement is "to directly connect the world's devices." This isn't just a practical idea. It also has social importance. The Internet is like the central nervous system of humanity. It is the primary vehicle going forward for human relationships, political activity, commerce, and self-expression. The structure of the network matters; it will help define how those relationships are formed. The Internet's current structure is pyramid-shaped, with walled gardens and silos managing all content. It's developed this way partly for economic reasons but also for technical ones -- centralizing everything offers the best and most seamless user experience. ZeroTier Networks was created to offer a different vision -- one of user-centric personal virtual networking that's available to everyone from private individuals all the way up to large corporations. By making it easy and secure to connect devices directly -- without tiers -- we can make it possible to offer modern and well-designed products and services that put the user back in control of his or her own computing environment.
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Developer Advocate

Posted 2 months ago
  • Experience with enterprise networking and/or systems administration
  • Experience setting up systems and procedures to handle community management

Vice President of Sales

Posted 5 months ago
  • Manage the full sales cycle - converting inbound leads as well as prospecting and closing new customers
  • Take our existing pipeline of qualified opportunities and follow up to close sales, organize and refine our sales process

Sales Development Representative

Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Maintain a self-starter attitude while creating outreach strategies for new lead generation methods
  • Anticipate needs by studying services and conducting market research to identify new leads