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Your friends, live

Your friends, live

Zenly is a live map of your friends and family. it’s the most fun way to meet up — or just see what’s up! — so you can feel together, even when you're apart. zenly is a must have when traveling with friends. whether you’re at a music festival, on the beach or on the slopes - zenly keeps your group together and gets you back to them whenever you split up. when you’re trying to figure out what to do for the night or you just want to see who’s nearby to grab lunch, zenly is there. no group chat broadcasts or swiping through stories - with zenly you can easily see who’s around and free to meet up. no stress. firemen use zenly to coordinate their efforts and ensure the wellbeing of their colleagues. taxi drivers and couriers do the same. as do ngo workers. even politicians use zenly to move just a little closer to their constituencies.
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