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Robert Haydock

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CEO of Zembula. Angel Investor and previous startup founder. Performance Marketing consultant. Founded Zembula based on insight made while ad buying.


Andy Whitesides

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Steve Green

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Cheyenne MIner

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I am currently the Marketing Manager at Zembula. You can find me on the path to attain marketing wizard status, or outside. I like it there.

Stephen Green

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Founded; Jennik Investment Group, Pacific Adventure Racing, Pasta Forte, & Rant. Acquired; Oasis Day Spa & Goodies Kitchens. Worked; Wells Fargo, Zembula et al.

Board members and advisors

20 Yr Silicon Valley veteran, Founder / Cofounder of Lean Startups - Remedy Corporation ($1.5M to $1B), Helpstream/Pathworks. Founding CEO Concept to Series A (4 on 6M) with top-tier VC, Deep Engineering Background with Startup Executive Experience.
Entrepreneur and investor out of Portland, OR. Last venture was Giftango (Digital Gift Cards) which sold to InComm December 2012.
Co-founder of @Canary Monitoring. Formerly Analytics product leader at @PagerDuty, Product Manager at @New Relic , Co-founded @CPUsage, mentor and advisor.

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Alan Cassinelli

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Jared Flamm

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Islam Morsi

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