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Jobs automatically matched with key talent

Jobs automatically matched with key talent

The recruiting process is flawed. ZeeSeek, Inc. has created a SAAS recruiting tool using machine learning matching jobs with key talent in 90 percent less time than traditional recruiting methods. Our proprietary Z-scoring system helps employers identify the right candidates within minutes. Each candidate’s Z-score intuitively changes over time as they grow in their career, reflecting new skills, experience, and fresh knowledge as they are earned. ZeeSeek is a recruiting tool for seeking, matching and connecting jobs with STEM candidates that might otherwise be hard-to-find saving businesses time and money. Our customers can find candidates with a click of a button without using a recruiter, complicated Boolean search string; relying on job postings; and/or applicant tracking systems being a faster and a more efficient way to find and connect with candidates. No recruiter required; no job posting required; jobs are matched automatically without complicated string strings.

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Zorha Evans-Huck

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CEO and Founder of ZeeSeek. Past talent acquisition consultant for various organizations (Epicor, GOOD, Cisco, UCSF). MS Villanova University. BAs SFSU.