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Gait, sleep, breathe, movement is so fundamental to humans. We understand and discuss diet. But how many times have we had a quantitative discussion about gait, movement or sleep? These fundamental indicators of health tell a progressive story. But, we can only understand this story through data. At Zeblok, we care about health and safety of people. We are revolutionizing the baseline understanding of aging population. We are transforming the way real-world data is collected during clinical trials. Together, we can lower the cost of care for both aging population while improving safety. Together, we can lower the cost of bringing new drugs to market by understanding real-world impacts - sooner, continuously, in real-time, and under real-world conditions. We are driven by our foundational principle in user experience– providing as simple, and as natural environment, as possible. We build our hardware and software.
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PHP Developer


Cloud Infrastructure Engineer and Full Stack Developer

At zeblok we are looking for self motivated, learned people. Being into Internet of Things we work on different kind of technologies and thus are looking for people who can adapt to newer technologies alongside understanding the business needs of having structured enterprise grade infrastructure ...


Software Developer

Please contact us if you are skilled in any of the below:

Embedded Coding / Firmware Management
Working with UART, SPI and I'C Protocols
Working with BLE, WIFI and Similar Technologies
IoT Scalability & Security
Programming any of C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Node.


Integration Engineer

Zeblok Computational is a startup looking for an Integration Engineer (IE).
Zeblok Computational is utilizing a unique innovative model between industry and academia for commercializing a substantial Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) infrastructure for data science and informatics, the largest GPU ...


Process champion

Zeblok is looking to hire, initially as a contractor and with a possible conversion to full-time in under 3 months, an expert in hardware and software lifecycle development process with experience in the medical device industry. Zeblok is in a super growth mode and this represents a significant o...

Other Engineering

Production Assembly & Testing

Experience in any Cisco CCENT/CCNA troubleshooting with network devices
Soldering skills for both iron and rework
Understanding SMD soldering, experience in using reflow oven, common SMD mistakes
Experience in debugging circuitry related to signal and power
Experience in testing PCBs
Experience i...