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Deepak Singh

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I solve problems. Like to keep things simple and build beautiful.

Nishwin Shetty

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I'm a hands-on product guy with a passion for creating delightful user experiences. I've led cross-functional teams building web and mobile products.

Gouri Javed Mehboob Ali

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Software enthusiast with strong inclination towards software architecture and horizontal scaling. Big fan of python and AWS.

Harmik Singh

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Chief Operating Officer at Zaya Learning Labs
Tutor as part of the Great Oaks Urban Fellowship. Graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University. Experience in education, customer service, operations.

Tymen Crevels

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CFO with Silicon Valley experience in Corporate and Startup environments.

Rahul D'Souza

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Co-Founder and CTO @Zaya Learning Labs

Soma Biswas Vajpayee

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Former team

Kareena Rachel Rogers

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Marisa Steinmetz

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Ashutosh Anand

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Ashish Tiwari

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Vaidehi Rajadhyaksha

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