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ZAYA is an award winning, innovative education startup based in Mumbai, and expanding all over the world that focuses on implementing scalable systems to increase the access to high quality education to students in low income schools and government schools across the world. We want to bring the power of blended learning to students all over the world and yet make the entire experience simple and enriching for teachers in low income schools to adopt the model. Zaya Is creating the next generation of learning model that will revolutionize how technology and content is used in classrooms to transform low performing classes into high performing learning spaces. We have labs currently impacting 2500 students in India and have plans to scale across the globe.

• Opportunity to work with a fun, energetic team that will give you the opportunity to be a leader and showcase your brilliance
• Help further education in less privileged communities
• Competitive salary package
• Team environment, collaborative learning environment, transparent communications
• Flexible 40-hour work week
• Opportunity to advance career at growing company always looking for emerging leaders