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SDE - Cloud Computing R&D

₹1,000 – ₹25,000 • 0.0% – 1.0%
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What we do:

Zauba is building a distributed cloud computing platform on globally distributed network of data centres. Zauba Cloud is the next generation cloud platform for blockchain, IOT and web applications of the future.

What will you do:

You are a computer scientist who is a generalist in nature. As a member of Zauba Cloud’s R&D team, you will be working on extraordinary software engineering challenges, some of which may not be solvable. Following are some examples of the kind of work you would be doing -

• Design and develop PAAS platform that forms core part of applications on Zauba Cloud
• Design and develop systems for logging, monitoring and administration of Zauba Cloud
• Design and develop storage deduplication technologies
• Build system for hibernation and live migration of containers and virtual machines
• Design and develop cloud native micro virtual machines
• Architect and build millisecond optimised network routers to handle billions of tcp connections
• Design and develop serverless system for adhoc code execution
• Design and develop global peer to peer file system for object storage and rapid content
• Architect and build Cloud Operating System

Required Experiences & Skills:

• Ability to architect distributed systems
• Strong in data structures and algorithms
• Strong in fundamentals of all aspects of computer science including but not limited to networking, operating systems, compilers and databases
• Strong in any two of the following programming languages
- Java
- C++
- Go
- Rust
- Python
- Shell
• Strong in *nix operating systems

Having these will set you apart as a candidate:

• Contributed to any of the Apache or CNCF projects
• Deep understanding of any large distributed system
• Good knowledge of Kubernetes, Mesos, Containers or DCOS • Deep understanding of any of the SQL/NoSQL databases
• Worked on building and scaling large complicated systems

You will thrive at Zauba if you are

• Passionate about Computer Science and Software Engineering
• Constant learner who cherishes learning exciting new technologies
• Diligent who works to completion
• Autonomous, driven and passionate about solving hard engineering problems
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
3+ years
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Mansoor Ahmed

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Zauba Technologies at a glance

Business Research Platform

Zauba Technologies focuses on SaaS. Their company has offices in Bengaluru. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://www.zaubacorp.com

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