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Henry Grunzweig

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Worked at Bain & Company. Experience with GTM/RTM Strategy, Benchmarking, Project Mgmt, Data Analysis, Private Equity. Went to UC Berkeley.

Ari Weiss

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Head of Product for Yup, 24/7 mobile tutoring company. Graduated from Stanford in 2011. Former TFA Corps Member.

Kreg Moccia

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Tyler Berbert

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Stanford Symbolic Systems -> Tutor Operations @ Yup for 3 years -> Software Engineer @ Yup for 1 year

Thompson Warren

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Jennifer Chiang

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Jennifer Herzberg

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UX Designer. UCSD Cognitive Science + HCI. Based in Oakland. In house @ real estate & hospitality startups. Consultant in the medical and technology industries.

Ruturaj Choudhari

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Ross Rubman

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VP Sales Yup

Aaron Price

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COO at Yup.com

Erin McFall

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Yusef Rishani

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Rob Bensen

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Max Luong

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Ken Kao

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Yongliang Yu

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Justin Wang

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