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Your opinion matters. Get paid to rate the web

Your opinion matters. Get paid to rate the web

Online metrics are opaque, measured in ‘quantity over quality’, and easily manipulated/bought due to a lack of social consensus, user autonomy, and misaligned incentives between platforms and their users. As human opinion increases in value and malicious activity becomes harder to distinguish, multi-billion dollar media markets are ripe for change. To solve these issues, we've built Yup, a 2nd layer distributed protocol that overlays social capital onto online content, encouraging quality creation/curation/consensus through token rewards and an ad marketplace. Influencers enjoy direct monetization and sovereignty of content/influence. Users enjoy new income from curating the internet. Everyone enjoys agreed-upon transparency and scarcity of social capital for strong registries/identities/governance. Yup’s influence metric, determined by socio-economic factors, ensures a more accurate distribution of revenue and governance than common token-staking.

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