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Apps for health status analysis

Apps for health status analysis

Youth Laboratories develops algorithms for images analysis and implement them into mobile applications. The algorithms utilize Machine-Learning and Deep-Learning methods, big data analytics, and latest research in biology to extract facial traits from selfies. The first product, RYNKL, allows track facial wrinkles and evaluates the effect of anti-aging treatments through making selfies. rynkl.com Youth Laboratories organizes the first beauty contest judged by Artificial Intelligence - Beauty.AI 1.0. Human participants submitted photos with the mobile app and Robot Jury consisted of multiple algorithms from teams of developers evaluated images using different approaches. beauty.ai We develop algorithms that help detect visual biomarkers of diseases, evaluate beauty and perception of visual appeal. Our goal is to extend human longevity and fight aging, find treatments that will help our customers stay young and healthy for as long as possible.

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Konstantin Kiselev

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Co-founder in PTB Progress, PhD in MSU Physics.

Anastasia Georgievskaya

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Bioinformatics background MSU, Co-founder, Research Scinetist at Youth Laboratories.
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