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Social learning MOOCs for the masses

Social learning MOOCs for the masses

YourSigma is a social learning, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web application.

It can be implemented as a Learning Management System (LMS) by corporations, in which case employees, however disperse, can learn and network together in study groups. Active learning, in which users help instruct and teach each other, is proven to be one of the most effective methods of instruction.

Our business model is to charge corporations a price per seat. For education providers, we share revenues from two tiers of monthly subscriptions: one providing text-based chat between users, another providing voice conferencing (Not finished, not included in the Video!). Tutors can also charge fees for one-on-one voice conferencing.

YourSigma is also available for education providers and institutions to rebrand it as their own web application.

In short, YourSigma enables your organization to provide its own social learning MOOC (massive open online course) experience to your customers/students/employees.

Chris Webb

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CTO and Co-Founder @Upswing. Studied at Vanderbilt University from 03-07. Working in IT for over 15 years for various companies from fortune 500 to mom and pop.

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