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A social planner for travelling

A social planner for travelling

Information for travellers on Internet are not well organized and users can't easily find anything that addresses their needs, as there are too many sources of information. Users need an all-in-one service that can handle everything about a trip, according to their passions and needs, whilst tour operators need a platform to sell in an innovative way their trips, knowing users' tastes. Yourope is a social planner for travelling that suggests you where to go and what to do (starting from buying tour operator packages, importing trips from other users or from scratch adding third party events and activities) and helps you organize everything related to your trip, creating a community in which people can shape and share travel experiences, interests and tastes. Users won't pay anything. Tour operators will pay only on a percentage base of what they sell through the platform and third party operators will pay for sponsored links and partnerships to point out their events and activities.

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Master degree Computer Science Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. 10yrs experience as Web analyst, Social trends, front-end dev and UX/UI
Founder Yourope • Worked at @Air2web, @Motricity • Studied at @Politecnico Milano