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YouNoodle is a Silicon Valley-based virtual startup engagement company. Since 2010, our technology has powered startup programs run by both governments and corporations, such Amazon and The World Bank. Through our technology, accelerators are not bound by physical spaces, borders, visa requirements, and organizations are able to run global programs completely virtually, including access to 200,000 startups and 25,000 experts from 180 countries on YouNoodle.

Spanning 4 countries and 10+ nationalities, the YouNoodle team embodies the global startup revolution. We are tied together by mutual respect for each others' differences, and a strong willingness to step up for your fellow Noodler. Our company culture is very open, inclusive, hard-working, competitive, fun and happy! Our small team boasts incredible geographic and cultural diversity. We meet at least twice a year for a global retreat, and you often find us engaged in competitive battles of all sorts. But more than anything, we are there to make sure our clients, partners, and startups succeed in their endeavors.

More open positions here: younoodle.com/careers