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Online marketplace for brands book vendors and event planners when organizing an event.

Operations Manager

$80k – $120k • 0.25% – 1.0%
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Youcanevent is looking to do the first operations management hire to help the company expand the footprint in the Bay Area, California market.

At Youcanevent we strive to be one of the most purpose-driven companies you’ll come across.

Our mission is to connect the world through celebration, and incentivize our team members, partners, investors and leadership to discover the best version of themselves while pursuing this journey.

Youcanevent.com makes it easy to organize impactful events. In seconds, you can book all the services needed to create an amazing experience, and all bookings include an onsite event assistant to help with operations and record photos and videos for social sharing.

With customers such as Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, TomTom, Pipedrive, almost $1,000,000 in gross revenue in the last twelves months, and a stellar team of advisors like Chris Yeh, David Meltzer, Mari Haraguchi, and Todd Wilms.

After joining our team you’ll be coached in story-telling, effective communication, and high performance. You will be sparkled with artistic initiatives such as painting, dancing, and singing. You’ll get organic food nutrition. You’ll be suggested with natural supplements, herbs and teas to improve your brain cognition, creativity, memory, happiness, and overall body function.

Our team is encouraged to work remotely to promote travel and the discovery of new cultures globally.

You will access a platform for constant learning with podcasts, audio books, books, poetry in various fields.

You will get access to amazing event experiences to connect with like minded individuals, and most importantly....

You will be part of something bigger than all of us. Something with the purpose of impacting the lives of all human beings. Getting connected, physically through celebration and amazing in-real-life-experiences.

Are you ready?

You can.

Now that you read a brief presentation about Youcanevent, we would like to share with you what the Operations Manager role entails. You will refine our processes and constantly focus on improving quality. You’ll focus arduously on efficiency to improve the support experience for all customers and vendors.

This job role will have high equity incentive plans to onboard a candidate that is looking for this partnership from a long-term perspective.

This person is expected to create highly-scalable processes when managing four party supply chains such as:

Monitoring and supporting customer service.
Monitoring, supporting and coordinating vendor logistics.
Monitoring, supporting and coordinating event assistant logistics.
Monitoring, supporting and coordinating delivery driver logistics.

Overview of tasks for the role:

Book services for the event and coordinate orders with all the parts involved.
Curate event packages with services listed on Youcanevent.com.
Support service for vendors, customers, event assistants, and delivery
Optimizing and strategizing on cost reduction for operational logistics.
Collect vendors payment information and articulate payouts.
Monitor the delivery of services in Real-Time.
Supporting event assistants in real-time before, during, and after the event.
Verify if field operations processes (such as checklists, agendas, load in and load outs) were accomplished by all parties involved in the event experience.
Suggest event services to solve customer needs.
Find replacements for vendors, event assistants or delivery drivers.

You’ll work closely with:

Works cross functionally with engineering and operations stakeholders to improve internal processes.
Participate in working sessions with the product team to constantly improve the product towards automation, excellence and more scalability
The sales and marketing team to ensure that your work is helping them in investing more in growth.
Working closely with the CEO and leadership team to lower the average response time, and increase the customer service satisfaction.

Ideally this person should have:

3 to 5 years of experience in an operations role ideally in managing supply chains in online marketplaces.
Fluent English speaker.
Experienced fast-growing startups from Seed stage to Series C, D or IPO.
Lead or managed a team of 5 or more people.
Created scalable processes.
Hired or outsourced services abroad.
Settled call center teams to provide customer service abroad.
Managed billing systems.
Managed orders and connected to vendor operations.
Worked with product teams to improve processes.
Handled or monitored more than 1000 orders a month.
Background in a non-profit, or cultural group.
Experienced 2 or more cultures globally.
Has been involved in the events or entertainment industry.
Is a mission-driven individual.

This person should know:

Zendesk or Salesforce experience.
Efficient with Intercom or similar communication platforms.
Textline, SendHub, or SMS messaging system.
Creating email list campaigns or automations for customer service.
Efficient in providing weekly reports on the analytics, and metrics to track operations performance, customer success, vendor quality service, and delivery (interval reports text messages, phone calls, online messages, e-mails etc).

To conclude, this person will be exposed to high intensity environments that require multitasking skills and quick trouble shooting ability.
The Youcanevent will provide the best platform for you to strive and always feel supported, strong, and with focus for maximum execution.

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Founder & CEO of Youcanevent • Non-profit Shows Director at www.azeituna.pt, Musical performances for more than 150,000 people.

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