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The Audio Platform for Kids

The Audio Platform for Kids

Yoto consists of a library of curated audio content, which children can access using the Yoto player. Yoto is designed by families, for families, using Montessori principles to empower children through play. Yoto uses physical cards that children aged 2+ can slot into the Yoto player to unlock a world of curated and child-safe music, stories and interactive learning games.

Each Yoto card unlocks different content, so children can control what they listen to by choosing which card to play with. And parents can also use get creative and use blank cards to link their own content – music, podcasts, or personal recordings – for an even more magical experience.

Ben Drury

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Founder 7digital (IPO 2014), Sold dotmusic to Yahoo '03. Board at Intercede, Marmalade and 7digital. Investor in 8tracks, Upmysport, Primo, Pimoroni, Permutive