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Delivering capacity economics

Delivering capacity economics

YorYo Technologies “Delivering Capacity Economics”. YorYo is cerebellum for Transportation and Supply chain network. Driven by blockchain technology platform and integrated asset-light execution, it solves key challenges around transparency, capacity balance and movement of goods. It helps to find the right equilibrium by managing variable demand and capitalizing on the elasticity of transportation capacity. It helps to optimize the balance between {Goods movement, Fleet capacity, Drivers and Routes} resulting into cost savings via reduction in capacity wastage.

Tech Manager -Front End/User Experience

Software Engineer ,FullStack

Sr. UI/Front End Developer

Nikhil Gandhi

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Startup Experience, Ex-Qualcomm, Alumni of The University Of Texas At Arlington, ML, IOT, Cloud Computing

Amardeep Chougale

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Over 21+ years of experience across different industries, across geographies including India & South East Asia . Worked with DHL , Nokia & Colgate supply chain
Entrepreneur , Product Leader and Technocrat.18+ Years of experience in Software field. Ex-Microsoft ,Ex-Ebay driving Million dollar revenue Product/Services.