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The IoT company that's creating a more connected smart home.



Joss Scholten

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Founder at @Yonomi, @Sentient Labs. Studied at @University of Texas at Austin. I focus on the Internet of Things, Quantified Self, and Home Automation.

Kent Dickson

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A business and technical leader. I love platforms, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Was a key leader at BEA, Tendril and GridMachine.


Peter May-Ostendorp

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Data scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur looking to leverage data and energy domain expertise to tackle environmental and energy problems.

Ben Hepworth

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Joshua Holmgren

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Flexible Development professional offering a diverse skill set. Accustomed to operating in a startup environment where it is necessary to wear many hats.

Camille Vargas

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Greg Katai

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Innovator in the Tech biz, connecting customers to products. Design and quality matters.Reduce complexity...SIB. Bicycles deliver great gas mileage.

Ted Muething

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Marketing Manager at @Yonomi. Passionate about making great brands stand out. Driven to use business as a tool for good.

Jarod Stewart

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Co-Founder & CTO @Align Investing && Software Engineering Manager @Yonomi
Cloud Engineer @Yonomi

Board members and advisors

My career focused on innovation resulting in more than 2.0 billion dollars in product sales revenue. Exp. in Clean Tech, Telecom, Consumer Elect., Med. Device.
Founder @Seesaw • Worked at @Google, @Facebook • Studied at @Harvard University
PhD building engineer and data scientist. Founder Xergy Consulting; co-founder Q Coefficient. Envisioning a future where buildings have brains.
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