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CEO of Yola, Inc. • Strong financial background( @PwC and @OpenTV). CA (SA) ;Bcom and PGDA @University of Cape Town.
Senior Software Engineer


Adrian Moisey

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Operations Engineer at Yola in South Africa. Automation, devops, deployment, docker, etc
Founder/CEO, GoNailsNow. I built social at MySpace, AOL, Yahoo.

Mada Seghete

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Co-Founder @Branch. Passionate about Mobile App Growth. Marketer by day, designer and photographer by night.

mark whitehouse

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Dir. Engineering at Engagio, Lumity. Early employee at Leanplum, Motif Investing.
Front End Developer

Logan Coker

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A curious Sales/Marketing/BD guy. Love to network.

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Founder @Archimedes Labs, TechCrunch • Studied at @University of Kent

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