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Organizing ad world´s biggest asset

Organizing ad world´s biggest asset

YieldPass is on a mission to organize billions of SMB publisher assets into value creation — a 400 + billion dollar market. Our SaaS technology optimizes their digital assets and ad stack into incremental ad revenue and substantially reduces operating cost. Just like Airbnb created massive value by organizing "other people's assets", turning millions of vacant properties into new utility for owners and renters, yieldPass is organizing the publisher idle space into new utility for site owners and advertisers. Founded by former Yahoo!, Criteo and Oath executives our Tech is currently used by 50+ publishers driving 5 digit MRR.

Sales Executive (AdTech)

Tom Triscari

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Adtech enthusiast and entrepreneur
Advertising/Big Data. I ensure data can grow triple digits month by month. Scaling teams, processes and tech. Whatever it takes to make a product successful.

Sergio A. Aragon

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Founder yieldPass • Worked at @Yahoo, @XING