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Alternative, authentic, adventurous and accessible travel and life experience around the globe, for global travelers. Two legs for advencing ahead: exclusive content creation + platformed E-M-business true travelers' tool And most importantly, Share with the passion of life with an authentic, original and community spirit. Live every moment in a Refreshing, Inspiring and Empowering way. To create a project, not only being the inspiration to whom we serve, But first of all, as the ever source of inspiration to each YEJOIST along the journey... as of the Project YEJO What if back to its fundamental meaning in our life; an organization is never just a resource seeker, but a true united energy to a creative project of unleashing what lies in the potential of humanity? What if focus on the practice of what really matters as a true BEING; an organization foremost emphasize on the practice of our value principals, our imagination, our aspirations as the infinite source of our confidence? What if believe in entrepreneurship, trust in the potential of every true believers; an organization relentlessly search for "best" business organization of the world that creates always the difference, of the excellence in every member as the divine adventure to be born with, of the social value as the path towards manifestation of self realization? What if an organization projects a true vitality of organic growth; honoring collective victory thus, true championship in each team member? What if, the "if" opens to embrace imagination for future not the history? YEJO exists to keep the aspiration ALIVE every moment of PRESENCE...
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Market Assistant

Market Assistant

An exciting Multi-competency job, including marketing, creative, Management, event/activity execution.
As the Market Assistant, it would be the role to collaborate on developing the market and make sure everything runs smoothly.