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Content Strategist

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Plan for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content, specifically, with the goal of putting Yegii on a path to scale-up and traction among key constituencies (e.g. professionals, investors, industry experts, students, lifelong learners, and consultants). Contributing to Yegii's web presence, social media approach, traction through social proof, topic editor relationship building, etc. Advising the CEO on publication and syndication opportunities, content partnerships, and overall content strategy.

The initial (test) task: write 10 articles (500-3000 words) - visually enabled if possible - over a period of 5 weeks, to be published biweekly. Please apply with personalized topics that YOU would be the best person in the world to write about (see suggestions you can work from below). Please include a quote for the test task.

Topics (examples of angles and pitches, for inspiration only):

- Feel good story -about Yegii as a company --or about our mission (see Angellist)--how we are trying to provide a better alternative to existing search engines, knowledge management approaches, work 2.0 and edtech platforms.
- Tech story-Yegii's man/machine AI.
- Founder background (founder was at MIT, has a PhD, is a connector, is a Norwegian immigrant/expat)
- Testimonials (users, clients); we will provide contact details and/or intros.
- Industry focus: pick a few of Yegii's 12 target industries and relate the story
- Interview 5 folks off the street--get product feedback-write it up and share.
- Funding story ("we have built a product only on angel funding", "how we bootstrapped the startup", "worked on it on my spare time for 4 years")
- The growth story ("we are experiencing a groundswell/momentum")
- Trend hijack (relate Yegii to a trend, e.g., tech, biz, regulatory, social), see yegii.com/disruption (requires free login to access).
- Yegii's response to a recent event (upcoming US election, International Days, e.g. Yoga (21 June), Startups (27 June), Youth Skills (15 July): un.org/en/sections/observances/international-days)
- The Product Features story ("we have new features and they are incredible").
- Work 2.0 ("future of work") - the world needs new tools--with specific features
- The changing landscape of Search Engines ("vertical search--travel, products, images, knowledge--not just Google anymore").
- The Written Word. Report findings from Yegii's study/benchmark on 1000 disruptive forces, including the top 200 technologies shaping the world
- The showcase (announce a customer win, shop around a customer/prospect to targeted publications for exclusives).
- Local pitch. Yegii's role in Wellesley, in Boston Metrowest, in the Northeast, in the US, in Norway...
- Controversy. Perhaps you can find a controversial issue where Yegii can take a stand and then we can write about that.
- Competitors ("we have famous competitors X and Y", "we are doing more interesting things than our competitors because...")
- The story of how Yegii might have saved my father's life (I discovered the site clinicaltrials.com through my work with Yegii) s
- The PR stunt story (bring your own ideas).

Some of these might be better ideas than others and we don't want to force a hook. Make sure your idea is specific enough and compelling enough to cut through the clutter so it can be shared and discussed widely.

Publishing outlets:

- blogs (Medium etc.)
- online mags (tech, business)
- Trade journals

Target publications could include Venturebeat, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur.com. Mashable, SearchEngineLand.com, etc. Be prepared to pitch these yourself. Yegii will provide a compelling company description and product descriptions for a set of new and emerging products, photos relevant to the story (upon demand), screenshots of the product, etc. We may also use our existing journalist network to place well written stories, but cannot promise that this will work on our end, so don't rely on it. We will also, to some degree, provide intros/contact details to existing users and customers.

If you place the entire story, or if your story becomes the embryo of a huge story that a journalist picks up and uses (the way he would use a press release), that's equivalent to writing one yourself, as long as you do all the work around pitching, providing supportive material and promoting it in social media once it gets published. However, only 50% of stories can be placed, 50% must be written by you or an associate of yours. Re-purposing a story with a slightly different twist could perhaps be done more than once but would only count as icing on the cake.

In the brief application/RFP, indicate additional story angles, publication outlets where you have connections or content promotion strategies that don’t require paid placement or online ads. Please also feel free to send writing samples and references, if you can.
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The preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional

Yegii focuses on Energy, Knowledge Management, Finance Technology, and Corporate IT. Their company has offices in Cambridge and Wellesley. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://yegii.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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