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Yegii tracks what we see as the 200 most influential technologies at the moment, see dev.yegii.ai/technologies (requires demo log-in, which is free for a limited time). At this time, we are looking for Topic Editors for the top 20 topics in technology, including Brain-computer interfaces, On-device AI, 5G, Gene editing, Augmented Reality, Nanomedicine, Self-Driving Cars, Additive Manufacturing, etc. Topic Editors write topic guides, suggest which high credibility publishers and websites Yegii needs to index, and help correct and optimize our topic taxonomies and algorithms.

Who should apply?
- Emerging experts in a specific field of interest relevant to industry professionals should apply. Must have a growth hacker attitude, wanting to pave new ground. Proof of a multidisciplinary approach or ability to handle multiple topics would be great.
- Strong online research skills are required. Science and technology journalists are eligible. Previous journalistic experience is a plus, it is not required.
- Academics are encouraged to apply, a PhD is a plus but is not required.
- Influencers and Bloggers are eligible, but the task at hand is radically different--you will be directing a meta-blog. Strong opinions will be requested from time to time, but updating and striving for 'objective' online bibliographies of your ever-evolving field will be asked for every week.

If you are already established in your field, the burden of proof is on you to convince us you can be creative, digitally savvy and edgy (we are mapping the emerging future, not the past).

Please apply on Angellist AND by sending an email to info [at] yegii.com (subject: Y Editor (your name), with your motivation, qualifications, Linkedin URL and two references (max 1 page/500 words). Please include 3-5 websites Yegii should index (but is not) and your rationale.

Why apply? We offer:

- Equity for top percentile performers (after a review period);
- Profiling you towards a global audience of professionals;
- Developing and guiding your expertise in a chosen field;
- An exceptional peer network to discuss qualitative leaps in learning with;
- Opportunities for custom consulting;
- Prizes to the top performing editors;
- Free access to the Yegii platform for life (after completing 1 year's service);
- Heavily discounted rates at Yegii events.

Tasks include:

- Maintaining a top 20 list of web resources/links in your field;
- Writing a Monthly feature article showcasing topic trends or developments;
- Adding publishers to Yegii's collection based on your field of expertise.
(this job is part-time and is easily combined with other pursuits. The core topic editor function can likely be performed with doing only a few hours/week for folks who know what they are doing).

Yegii is a man/machine platform. Human input always guides our algorithms (for now). Experts in their field can contribute to a more fine tuned selection of publishers which, again, will, hopefully, democratize insight, lead to qualitative leaps in knowledge discovery, and allow re combinations of expertise. As an angel funded startup, we also need a little push in order to realize our grand vision. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. Help change the world of insight, find an audience, and become recognized as an authority in your field while doing so. Think of it as peer review for the second, and perhaps final, digital age where humans are still 100% in control. For more info, see yegii.com

NB: Note that we reserve the right to establish (friendly) competition between interested expert topic editors who are keen to be profiled on the same or overlapping topics. The person with the highest Yegii author score will receive the highest profile (including "owning" the first 20 hits of a set of related search terms), but we will find a way to display all the work you engage in on the site, provided it is of high enough quality.

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The preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional

Yegii focuses on Energy, Knowledge Management, Finance Technology, and Corporate IT. Their company has offices in Cambridge and Wellesley. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://yegii.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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