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The preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional

The preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional

Yegii, the insight network, is building the preferred man/machine interface for tomorrow’s professional. We are deeply committed to a very hard AI problem that will change the world and save lives. What if executives could truly stay ahead of tech, policy, business, and user dynamics? What if it was possible for a motivated person to become an expert in a day or less? What if you could retain top expertise with only minutes invested every day? KIP, the world’s first discovery-to-decision platform, is underway, and it will be running on 3 percent man and 97 percent machine power. We are working hard to enable cognitive leaps (filtering, thoughts, and decisions) among Gen Z, and the elite global labor force, particularly for those working in fields experiencing industry disruption. Yegii’s vision is to transform the way executives and knowledge workers collaborate on – discover, and synthesize insight. Yegii is a MIT-connected company co-founded by a former MIT Sloan Faculty member.

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Tina Choi

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Comms Queen Bee and Mom of Three. Founder/COO Yegii • Worked at @The White House, @United Nations, @Random House Publishing Group • Studied at @Harvard University, @Oxford University, @Wellesley

Trond A. Undheim, PhD

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Founder @Yegii Program Director, MIT Startup Exchange @oracle-corporation, @Massachusetts Institute of Technology @NTNU