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Chemical Analyst (Experienced) – Analytical Electrochemistry

$25k – $80k
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We change the landscape of what is possible with batteries. Our technology is a new chemistry that increases the energy density of Li-Ion batteries, which enables more features and design options for consumer devices and longer range, higher performance, and greater affordability for electric vehicles. Our product works today, drops into existing battery manufacturing processes, and is manufacturable economically at scale.

We believe how we work together is as important as the great things we accomplish. Foundational to this belief is building an inclusive and distinctive culture – one that is collectively shaped and owned by all Silazens. Learn more about our values here.


You are a creative, hands-on scientist with a strong desire to cooperatively dig deep into electrochemical reaction mechanisms and electrochemical cell behavior by applying -- or inventing and building, if necessary -- the best instrumentation and analytical methods available. This will be in the service of understanding and optimizing the next-generation of Li-ion battery conversion cathode materials. You will be working closely with multiple scientists of varying backgrounds, so collaborative problem-solving abilities are indispensable.


Initiate and develop new approaches, instrumentation, and analytics for characterizing electrochemical reactions to expand the limits of our fundamental understanding of new conversion cathode materials.

Design and help execute experiments to reveal structure-property relationships, and relate them to electrochemical reaction mechanisms and electrochemical cell behavior.

Help develop the best methods and systems for doing science in industry.

As a mentor to others in the team, offer active listening, collaborative brainstorming, and cooperative hands-on laboratory exploration.

Identify safety hazards and opportunities for improvement. Work cooperatively to address them.
Actively invest in our values and champion them as we grow.


Experience exploring, in depth, fundamental electrochemical reactions: hands-on time building and/or modifying instrumentation to collect the best data, as well as interpretation of the data to provide fundamental understanding of electrochemical reaction mechanisms and tying them to the structural properties of the materials involved.

Demonstrated expertise with quantitative analytical techniques: firsthand discerning experience with at least one method for the quantification of liquid and/or solid chemical composition.

Collaborative problem solving: helping people share knowledge, ideas, resources, and strategies in order to solve challenging scientific problems.

Ph.D. or comparable industrial experience in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, or a related discipline. 2+ years of industry experience after PhD (or 6+ years after BS) is nice to have.

Experience with gas, solution, or solid state material synthesis methods is nice to have.
Experience writing scripts for data analysis (Matlab, Python, or similar) is nice to have.

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