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Improved data for AI

Improved data for AI

AI has the potential to create annual value across sectors up to 5.8 billions and whoever adopts AI into their business operations first, will be the market leader of tomorrow. On the darker side of this scenario, the very same reports describe that 85% of AI-based projects do not succeed, meaning that of the 25 billion dollars invested in AI last year, 21 billion were wasted. To give you an idea why this happens, it is because developing AI projects is not only very complex, but also because it relies on the assumption that high quality data exists and there’s plenty of it! Most of the times, that’s not the case! We’ve seen that the major causes for the failure of AI-based projects are related with access to data and data quality. And it gets worse during the whole data science lifecycle: the complexity of setting and scaling Data Science infrastructures and frameworks, plus the need to involve software teams in order to correctly productize the solutions. When using YData’s platform, all of that becomes easier. It's a one stop shop, allowing data science teams to be autonomous, generate and access as much data as they need, create, train and serve models without knowing devops or depending on other teams. Fast access to data is now a reality while ensuring quality control of the generated data. This translates into shorter time to value and lower costs for your business. All of this, in a GDPR/CCPA/HIIPA compliant manner.

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Understand the whole lifecycle of data and how companies can implement artificial intelligence. Founded YData, a startup focused data privacy.
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