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Scalable Business Tracking

Scalable Business Tracking

Most employees dislike basic business administration. It is after-the-fact, tedious and far from rewarding, and managers usually settle on blunt force strategies to overcome worker’s resistance. This is considered “only normal” in the corporate world. We don’t think it is.

Yanomo brings a friendly SaaS solution to the corporation. We make business tracking human and intuitive. Instead of mindless, we make it meaningful and rewarding. Instead of lonesome, we make it team-oriented and social.

Joost Schouten

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Co Founder/Partner at Yanomo, Nestr.io & Energized.org
CEO of Yanomo. E-business veteran since 1995. Long track record of founding successful startups (NetlinQ, Adlink, Expatica, Ex Machina, Liever, Design365)

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